Fed Up – Poem

In the end, they’re all the same.

Men are all one, just with different names.
Even if they do care, in their own way,
I can never make them understand or stay.

They start out cheerful but over time,
They become distant strangers, and no longer mine.
It’s all right though, I know I don’t need anyone anyway.
I’m still independent and free.  I can do things my own way.

Perhaps I’m meant to be alone.
And destined to sing only the saddest songs.
Life goes on, it never truly ends.
Death is nothing more than a transition.

I’ve loved before and was loved in return.
Eventually, the flame goes out and only leaves a burn.
Nights of passion aplenty, yes I had them.
At times I wished that they would never end.

Now there’s nothing left of the past.
Only fragmented memories that never last.
I only sporadically reminisce of the old times.
Some memories are happy, some are out of rhyme.

My future is uncertain, that’s a fact.
All that is certain are the things I can’t have back.
My heart, my soul, my eternal love…
The only witnesses to my pain are the stars above.



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