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Focus On The Light For A Brighter Future

So many people feel like giving up these days, and I can’t blame them. These are hard times for many of us. The one thing we must remember though, is that there is ALWAYS hope. Even in the darkest times, there can always be a little bit of light. This gives every one of us two choices:

1. We can get lost in the darkness and forget the small light or

2. We can concentrate and focus all of our attention on that small light.

Even if the past and the present are both filled with unhappiness and sadness, that doesn’t mean that the future will be as well. Our past thoughts and feelings are part of what makes our present, and our present thoughts and feelings will create our future. If it seems like that nothing goes our way, time and time again, then perhaps we’ve been “lost in the darkness”. If we can go back and look at the happy times in our lives, as well as find gratefulness for the good things we have now (even if it seems like there’s not many), then we will be choosing option number two. We will be focusing on that small light. When we put all of our thoughts and hope on that small amount of light, it can open the doors to a more wonderful future. The more we remember that small light, and the more thankful we are for it, the bigger and brighter that light will become. We must all take a look at our pasts, and try to think of all the good things that have happened, even in the most dire of situations.

Think of all the good things happening to us now, even if it doesn’t seem like much. By focusing on the small good things, we are focusing on that small light. The more grateful we are for the good things, the more the light will grow and the brighter our future will be. Try spreading that light out over all the darkness. Try spreading the hope out over all the despair. The more we overlook that small light, the more lost in the darkness we will

I feel that way myself many times. I always try to remind myself that the world won’t be against me forever, some day the light inside of me will grow stronger and greater than anything in this world. This is true for all of us. That little light, no matter how small, can become more powerful than the entire world as long as we believe in it. If we want to change the world, we have to first change ourselves. We must first believe in that light inside of us.

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Top List of Fun Ways To Raise Your Vibration! Attract Good Luck!

Happiness Cards– As tacky as it sounds, I have found this to work wonderfully. Get yourself a bunch of bright colored index cards, write down something that makes you happy and grateful on each, and decorate them with stickers. Do this every day and either stick them on your wall or bulletin board, or keep them with your gratitude journal. It will help to listen to your favorite, upbeat songs while make these “happiness cards”.
Bubble Bath – Every time you find yourself worrying or feeling upset about something, go take a nice, hot bubble bath immediately. Don’t hesitate to do it. If you’re not home when you start feel upset, then do it the second you get home.
If you feel stuck where you are – If you’re not happy with the area you’re in and wish you could be elsewhere in the world, try thinking about the good things about the place you’re at instead of the bad things. There is goodness and light found everywhere. Go sightseeing and take some nature pictures if you have to. How do you expect to move on if you can’t even appreciate where you’re at now?Dance – Listen to your favorite upbeat songs over and over again; just start bouncing around dancing to them. I have also found that turning the light out and lighting a few candles and incense (usually Dragons Blood) and dancing to hypnotic/trance music is a very interesting experience. You could also go to a club or studio and dance if you’re not shy.

Meditate – Meditate for at least 20 – 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week. Imagine your body being surrounded by a very, very bright light. If you’re someone who has trouble staying still, there is such thing as “walking meditation”. Go outside for a walk on a nice day. Slowly walking on the rail of the tracks is a good way to meditate (ONLY for those who live near old, abandoned tracks). Say this over and over again “I float, not walk. I float, not walk” and focus on your breathing. You are less likely to fall off if you do those two things. Just use common sense and don’t wear earplugs so you can hear if a train is coming.

Breathing Technique – Speaking of breathing, a good way to help stay calm is to spend a minute focusing on your breath. Close your eyes, put your right hand over your chest and your left hand over your belly. This can be done anywhere, anytime. Breath in deeply (it’s up to you whether to use your mouth or nose) and count to 4, hold it for 4 seconds, then realize. Hold it again for 4 seconds, and then start over. Count to 4 with each of the 4 steps. Continue this for a minute or two.

Cuddle with your pets– There is not much in the world sweeter than a happy cat or dog. Petting and loving animals is a great way to help one stay calm. It is a great way to help raise your vibes. It will make them feel great too. Pets can sense a mile a way when something is bothering their human. My cats run up to me and try to comfort me whenever I am upset, even if I’m in another room. It would stand to say then that pets know when their humans are really happy as well.

Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons – Do you remember the type of cartoons and movies that made you happy when you were a small, carefree child? Long before you ever started feeling the stress of finances, relationships, or health? Would you like to relive those moments again, even for a short while? Go to youtube and rewatch your favorite old cartoons. Smile and laugh at them again, just like you did long ago. Go rent your favorite childhood movies as well.

Coloring/Drawing/Painting – While you’re in that mood again, you might as well go out and get yourself a coloring book and crayons, or maybe even those jumbo activity books. As far as I know they still make those. Go ahead and let your creative, inner child shine through again. I can’t stress how much at peace you’ll be with yourself, even if it is just for a short while.

Affirmations – Try using affirmations too while you’re at it. Try this along with the breathing technique. I have found that the easiest and calming affirmation for me is “Every thing’s gonna be ok. Every thing’s gonna be ok. I promise, every thing’s gonna be ok”. Some people have trouble truly believing the finances and health affirmations that you can find anywhere on the web, but to remind yourself that “Every thing’s ok and every thing’s gonna be ok. I promise myself.” is more believable to some people. To remind yourself that, over and over again, that somehow, someday, every thing’s going be ok, is a good way to stay calm. If you would like to try some money or health affirmations, make sure never to use any negative words such as “not” or “never”. Do not say “I am not fat. I am not fat”, but instead say “I am thin. I am thin. I am thin. I am going to lose more weight and be even thinner”. Never say “I am broke and need more money”, the only thing you will be affirming is that you are broke and need more money. It’s a whole lot better to say “Every thing is going to be ok and my finances will continue to increase”. Another good affirmation is “I am financially free and secure. I trust that God/Universe/Fate/whatever will continue making it so”. Some people prefer writing their affirmations down 15 times a day instead of saying them allowed. That is fine too. Just make sure you are in a positive mood when you do.

Laughter – Laughter truly is the best medicine, it will heal your soul faster than anything else. Whenever you get a chance, do anything and everything you can think of that will make you smile and laugh a whole lot. Watch your favorite stand up comedians on youtube, watch your favorite comedy skits, reread your favorite humorous book, go out and do something fun with a friend. Make sure the two of you spend some time being silly and getting a good laugh at yourselves.

I have spent time doing everything I just mentioned over the last several months and have finally found peace and freedom in my life. I am also having better luck than ever and attracting wonderful things and people into my life. I still have some bad luck here and there, but I try to remember that everyone else does too. Try doing many of these things yourself as much as possible, and you will be raising your vibrations a lot too. You may not notice instantly, it may take some time and the changes may be subtle, but like I’ve been saying, “Every thing’s gonna be ok. I promise”. 🙂

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