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Life, Death, Time Travel, and Parallel Universes

(I’m half asleep and just rambling nonsense.  Don’t take any of this seriously.)

Life, Living, Death—Are They Just Illusions?

I have been reading a lot about the theories of quantum consciousness and quantum immortality.  Now I’m no scientist, and I know that many mainstream scientists consider such topics to be “metaphysics” and “woo”, but I do find it all fascinating in a strange way.  I’ve always pretty much believed in reincarnation, but I do wonder if there really is more to it all.

What if our consciousness DOES operate on quantum levels, instead of just being a product of the brain in our one, physical body?  What if when we “die” in this dimension/Universe, our thoughts and dreams automatically transfer over to another copy of “us” in a parallel Universe similar to this one?  As far as we know, we’d always have existed in that dimension.  Would this mean we are not able to subjectively experience our own death each time we die, since we keep on existing in a parallel world?  Of course, our family and loved ones in the dimension where the copy of ourselves “died” would truly believe us to be dead from their own point of view, but from our own, we’re still alive in another dimension.  Thus, if there are an infinite amount of Universes, we’d never really die for good (from our own point of view), would we?

Of course that still doesn’t explain why our bodies age.  This is part of the theory that makes no sense at all, I think.  If we die of old age in a hospice bed in one dimension, does that mean we end up right back in a bed at an old age in another dimension?  Who would ever want that!?  The only way this could be explained is if after dying of old age in one dimension, we’d go right back to being our child self in another dimension, and the whole process would start over again.  Could this perhaps be why many who are close to death act as if they’re speaking to other relatives or loved ones who have already passed on?  It is said that our deceased loved ones come to be with us as we’re close to death ourselves.  But is it the other way around?

Could it be that while on the deathbed, the dying person is actually experiencing a transition to an alternate Universe where those loved ones are still alive?  If the dying person was happiest during a certain time in his or her life, could he or she end up in a parallel Universe where the “copy” of his or herself is still experiencing that time of happiness?  Perhaps that also could explain why many on their deathbeds finally seem at peace while passing, they’re being “absorbed” into a parallel Universe where all is well and always has been.  The only way they would ever know that they were once old and/or ill and dying in another dimension would be if their other copy “dreamt” about it.  So whenever we dream that we die, does it mean another version of ourselves actually did die in a parallel Universe?

Like I said, this article represents my own strange ponderings.  This is all nothing more than me asking, “what if?”  Personally I believe in reincarnation, in some form anyway.  Whether we end up as a different person each time in the same world, or the same person each time in a different world, I have no idea.  Perhaps it could be both, if there truly are an infinite amount of opportunities and dimensions, then I suppose any and every outcome could be possible.  Of course, the most logical explanation is that we simply cease to exist at all when we die—body and mind.  No matter what happens to us when we die (if anything), we should still treat each moment in our lives as sacred.

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