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Focus On The Light For A Brighter Future

So many people feel like giving up these days, and I can’t blame them. These are hard times for many of us. The one thing we must remember though, is that there is ALWAYS hope. Even in the darkest times, there can always be a little bit of light. This gives every one of us two choices:

1. We can get lost in the darkness and forget the small light or

2. We can concentrate and focus all of our attention on that small light.

Even if the past and the present are both filled with unhappiness and sadness, that doesn’t mean that the future will be as well. Our past thoughts and feelings are part of what makes our present, and our present thoughts and feelings will create our future. If it seems like that nothing goes our way, time and time again, then perhaps we’ve been “lost in the darkness”. If we can go back and look at the happy times in our lives, as well as find gratefulness for the good things we have now (even if it seems like there’s not many), then we will be choosing option number two. We will be focusing on that small light. When we put all of our thoughts and hope on that small amount of light, it can open the doors to a more wonderful future. The more we remember that small light, and the more thankful we are for it, the bigger and brighter that light will become. We must all take a look at our pasts, and try to think of all the good things that have happened, even in the most dire of situations.

Think of all the good things happening to us now, even if it doesn’t seem like much. By focusing on the small good things, we are focusing on that small light. The more grateful we are for the good things, the more the light will grow and the brighter our future will be. Try spreading that light out over all the darkness. Try spreading the hope out over all the despair. The more we overlook that small light, the more lost in the darkness we will

I feel that way myself many times. I always try to remind myself that the world won’t be against me forever, some day the light inside of me will grow stronger and greater than anything in this world. This is true for all of us. That little light, no matter how small, can become more powerful than the entire world as long as we believe in it. If we want to change the world, we have to first change ourselves. We must first believe in that light inside of us.

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Call Upon The Powers of the Universe

The Power of the Great Phoenix and Universe
This is an extremely powerful prayer for anyone who truly believes in the powers of the Universe. The Phoenix represents all things in the Universe that die and are reborn again from the ashes of their past. The Universe itself as we currently know it was once reborn just as all things in existence are. The Big Bang, or whatever it is that you wish to call it, was the rebirth of this Universe from the ashes of another one from long ago. Once you truly come to understand such things, and believe in The Powers of the Phoenix and Universe with all of your heart, you yourself can create new beginnings. Here is a prayer that can help you out at any place and any time. The stronger your beliefs, the more instantly your wishes will come true.

I call upon the Powers of the Universe
I call upon the Spirit of the Universe
I call upon the Heart, Mind, and Soul of the Universe
I call upon the Powers of Time, the Powers of Light, and the Powers of the Stars
I call upon the Great Phoenix
I call upon God and the Spirit of All Things.

Now state your truest desires and wishes and ask that The Great Phoenix bring them to you. And never forget to thank the Universe either.

I thank the Powers of the Universe
I thank the Spirit of the Universe
I thank the Heart, Mind, and Soul of the Universe
I thank the Powers of Time, The Powers of light, and the Powers of the Stars
I thank the Great Phoenix
I Thank God and the Spirit of All Things.

You can say this prayer to yourself no matter where you’re at. You can also write everything down. The more you believe in the Power of such things, the more your dreams will manifest into reality.

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